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  •  Thai Tulip Incense, Candle & Burner Gift Set - Fair Trade

The tulip was first discovered in Turkey around a thousand years ago.  Tulips have long been associated with Love and Affection, but are also associated with protection and spirtual cleansing.  Interestingly, in Turkey, the word for tulip is the same as the word for turban, and it is considered a charm against evil.

Our Tulip Incense is hand rolled by our lovely small scale fair trade producers in Northern Thailand. They have a large sunny garden where they grow their own Tulips, they harvest the tulip flowers, dry them in the sun and then roll them into a fine powder. They then get a fine stick of bamboo which they roll in a little natural gum to make it sticky before rolling it in the tulip powder.

Our lovely Thai Incense Sets make wonderful little gifts, they are beautifully packaged and contain 9 mini incense sticks, a very cute porcelain incense holder which holds both incense sticks and incense cones plus a lovely hand made rose shape candle. All the items are colour co-ordinated and are presented in a matching orange handmade paper box.

Our Gift Sets measure 8 cm by 6 cm.

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Thai Tulip Incense, Candle & Burner Gift Set - Fair Trade

  • Brand: One World Incense
  • Product Code: Tulip Incense and Burner Set
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  • $6.99

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