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  • Genuine Bhutanese Purple Healing Incense - Fair Trade

Our Bhutanese Healing Incense is especially rich in white sandalwood which orginates from Southern India. Sandalwood is historically one of the most precious fragrant materials and has been used in incense since ancient times.  Our Bhutanese Healing Incense mixes Sandalwood with 31 special Himalayan Herbs only found in the High Himalaya in Bhutan.

It is made by an experienced Bhutanese / Tibetan Doctor following the procedures laid down in the Tibetan Medical Book

It is said to alleviate stiffness of joints, insomnia, stress, tension and dizzyness. It clears the mind, promotes mental agility and reduces stress and depressive thoughts and is helpful in meditation by aiding concentration whilst promoting mental and physical concentration and removing negative energy.

Each packet contains approx 21 sticks and each is approx 20 cm long and will burn for 30 to 40 mins in a still room. 

Bhutanese Incense is a Dhoop incense which means that it is solid incense, it does not have a bamboo stick so you need a tibetan incense holder with the big hole, if you don't have one please click on the Tibetan Incense Holder option on the right.

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Genuine Bhutanese Purple Healing Incense - Fair Trade

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